Papers and Reports

CyberGreen Metrics Position Paper: Shades of Green [pdf]

An analysis by Dr. Dan Geer, CyberGreen stats special advisor, on the direction of CyberGreen’s metrics.

CyberGreen Statistics Platform v.2 Overview and Requirements [pdf]

Using lessons learned from v.1, along with end user expectations, an overview of the architecture for Statistics platform v.2 and its requirements have been prepared by L. Aaron Kaplan and Dr. Rufus Pollock.

Concept Paper [pdf]

We developed our original concept paper in 2014, which you can find by clicking on the title above. Visit our current program description to learn what we’re up to now.

Research [pdf]

Cybersecurity metrics, specifically for Cyber Health, have long suffered from a lack of statistical rigor. The origin of this omission is multi-fold, including issues in collection, the inability to cross-compare data, and a failure to apply normalization techniques. The absence of statistically meaningful cybersecurity metrics prevents the ability to compare organizations and efforts over time, and blocks an effective evaluation of cybersecurity investments.