Adding a data source

How to add a data source

Option 1: Edit the CSV file

Our data sources are stored in a CSV file on our Github repository under _data/sources.csv.

If you would like to add a source, best practice is to fork and clone the repository, edit the CSV file and submit a pull request.

  1. Fork the repository and clone it locally. Instructions on how to fork a repository and submit pull requests are available on Github’s website.

  2. Create a new row in the _data/sources.csv file, below the header line. Edit the row to match the headings, including at least: the title, owner and homepage of the source.

  3. Save your changes, commit and push to your fork.

  4. Submit a pull request.

Option 2: Create an issue in the issue tracker

Alternatively, you can submit details of the source to us by creating an issue in our repository’s issue tracker. When creating the issue, take care to include all pertinent details about the source, including its title, owner and the homepage of the source.