• CyberGreen delivers intervention at UN Open Ended Working Group

    04 December 2019
    On December 4, 2019 Yurie Ito delivered an intervention at the United Nations Open Ended Working Group on developments in the field of information and telecommuications in the context of international security in New York, NY. The meeting was attended by member states and over... Read more »
  • CyberGreen supports the Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace

    30 November 2019
    Support efforts to strengthen an advanced cyber hygiene for all actors Cyber-attacks have been growing in both frequency and impact in recent years. These types of attacks can seem highly complex, however the truth is most successful cyber-attacks leverage security problems that are simple enough... Read more »
  • CyberGreen Recognized by the GFCE for Global Good Practices

    21 December 2017
    The Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE) published its collection of Global Goood Practices in November 2017. CyberGreen has been recognized in this document for performing “analysis on root causes and effects”. CyberGreen’s practices were recognized by the GFCE for three areas relating to incident... Read more »
  • CyberGreen Begins Internet Scans as of September 2017

    24 October 2017
    After conducting a data validation analysis, CyberGreen is announcing that, as of September 2017, it has officially begun Internet scanning for 4 risk indicators (opendns, openntp, openssdp, opensnmp). The full data validation report can be downloaded here. The executive summary is below. Executive Summary To... Read more »
  • CyberGreen Adds Dr. Jun Murai to its Board of Directors

    15 June 2017
    CyberGreen has expanded its Board of Directors through the addition of its newest member, Dr. Jun Murai. Dr. Jun Murai is known as the ‘father of the Internet in Japan,’ and, outside of Japan, has also been called the ‘Internet samurai.’ In 1984, he developed... Read more »
  • Chairman Paul Twomey Addresses Market Failures in Cybersecurity at the T20's Global Solutions Summit

    02 June 2017
    The International Think 20 Group presented “20 Solution Proposals for the G20” to German Chancellery Minister Peter Altmaier in preparation for the G-20 meeting being chaired by Germany in July 2017. Unveiled at the T20’s Global Solutions Summit in Berlin on May 28 2017, the... Read more »
  • Chairman Paul Twomey on the Importance of Engagement with ISPs Using Risk Data

    27 April 2017
    CyberGreen’s Chairman, Paul Twomey, was published by the Economist for his thoughts on network pollution and how ISPs and regulators should use risk data to mitigate: Although the market and the technical community have addressed many challenges in the internet, governments should address some areas... Read more »
  • CyberGreen Supports Findings Published by the Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity

    21 December 2016
    On December 1, 2016, the Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity released its “Report on Securing and Growing the Digital Economy” which lays out recommendations to the President “for securing and growing the digital economy by strengthening cybersecurity in the public and private sectors”. At CyberGreen,... Read more »
  • President Obama on the Future of Cybersecurity

    28 October 2016
    WIRED recently conducted an interview with President Barack Obama on the future of cybersecurity. During the interview, he notes that “if you take a public health model, and you think about how we can deal with, you know, the problems of cybersecurity, a lot may... Read more »
  • CyberGreen Metrics v.2 Method and Report Finalized

    21 October 2016
    After holding its metrics workshop in New York City at the end of September, CyberGreen has finalized its v.2 metrics method. To learn more about the near- to medium-term direction of CyberGreen’s metrics, you can access the report authored by Dan Geer here. Author: Dan... Read more »
  • Dan Geer Inducted Into National Cyber Security Hall of Fame

    20 October 2016
    On October 20, 2016, CyberGreen’s Metrics Special Adviser Dan Geer was inducted into the National Cyber Security Hall of Fame in Baltimore, Maryland. According to its website, the National Cyber Security Hall of Fame is “committed to recognizing the individuals that played a key role... Read more »
  • CyberGreen Mentioned by Minister for Communications and Information in Singapore

    11 October 2016
    On October 11, 2016, Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim cited CyberGreen as an initiative aimed at “securing our common cyberspace.” Ibrahim is the Minister for Communications and Information in Singapore. His mention of CyberGreen follows the recent cornerstone sponsorship of CyberGreen by the Cyber Security Agency of... Read more »
  • Cyber Security Agency of Singapore Becomes Cornerstone Sponsor for CyberGreen

    11 October 2016
    CyberGreen, a ground-breaking initiative to improve global cybersecurity, has received a major boost from the government of Singapore. Singapore has joined Japan and the UK in sponsoring the CyberGreen Institute which is dedicated to making transparent the “health” of the world’s Internet network providers. Hailed... Read more »
  • Slides Posted from Mitigation Best Practices Workshop at FIRST Conference

    23 June 2016
    On June 15, 2016, CyberGreen ran a workshop with our BCP experts Paul Vixie and Barry Greene on Mitigation Best Practices at the FIRST Conference in Seoul, South Korea. At that workshop, historical practices were reviewed and CyberGreen’s methodology was discussed. The vision and process... Read more »
  • CyberGreen Cited in GCIG "One Internet" Report as an Initiative to Expand Information Sharing and Best Practices

    23 June 2016
    The Global Commission on Internet Governance (GCIG) has released a report titled “One Internet” with the aim of providing advice to a variety of stakeholders - from policy makers to the private sector - on ways to maintain a healthy Internet. In the report, CyberGreen... Read more »
  • CyberGreen Metrics Special Adviser Dr. Dan Geer's Metrics Position Paper "Shades of Green"

    23 June 2016
    Dr. Dan Geer, CyberGreen Metrics Special Adviser, has written an analysis on the direction of CyberGreen’s metrics which you can read here. Read more »
  • Cybergreen Team Will Be Holding BoF Session At The First Conference In Seoul

    23 June 2016
    Barry Greene, Paul Vixie, Aaron Kaplan, and Yurie Ito will present the CyberGreen v.2 plan and review BCPs at the FIRST conference in Seoul, South Korea on June 16, 2016. The team will gather input from the available data to measure the impact/efficiency of BCPs... Read more »
  • Cybergreen Finishes Overview & Requirements For Its Portal V. 2.0

    23 June 2016
    In preparation for the launch of its new portal version 2.0, CyberGreen has finalized documentation which provides an overview and the requirements for its launch. Your feedback is valuable to us. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know! Read more »
  • Cybergreen Introduced As A New Initiative For The Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE)

    01 June 2016
    CyberGreen was hailed, by the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise, as a new initiative in promoting and strengthening cybersecurity. The announcement was made at its annual conference in Washington D.C. on June 1, 2016. The Global Cyber Expertise Magazine also interviewed Yurie Ito, CyberGreen Founder... Read more »
  • Japan Welcomes Collaboration With Cybergreen During G7 ICT Ministers’ Joint Declaration

    29 April 2016
    The ICT Ministers of the G7 convened on April 29 and 30, 2016 in Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan to “address current and future global ICT opportunities and challenges for sustainable and inclusive development.” During this meeting, the Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan announced... Read more »
  • On "Normalizing" or "Scaling" Cybersecurity Metrics and Measuring The Right Thing For The Right Entities

    29 March 2016
    Introduction One challenge of cyber security is deciding where to prioritize one’s limited cyber security resources. Who’s doing “okay?” Who desperately needs help? Who should we just quarantine until they can get their chaotic users under control? At a minimum, can we at least rank... Read more »
  • Improving Your Security, One Thing Every Other Day, For Four Weeks

    28 February 2016
    Taking even just one small step each day can make a big difference to your overall security. Here’s ideas for every other day for four weeks, largely featuring free or low cost tools. 1.  Make sure everything on your system is patched up-to-date. Check your... Read more »
  • Seeing Only Shark Fins and Discarded Plastic Shopping Bags In an Sea of Beauty, Elegance and Plenty

    01 February 2016
    Cyber security types, as a rule, are not sunny-dispositioned, overly-optimistic Pollyannas. This is hardly surprising. We spend our professional lives focused on system and network failures, things like: ·       Software with nearly-unbelievable latent vulnerabilities ·       Malware infections at scale ·       Networks DDoS’d into oblivion, and... Read more »
  • CyberGreen Concept Paper

    26 November 2015
  • Why I said "Yes" to CyberGreen

    09 November 2015
    This is my first blog on a project which is close to my heart.Since my days as heading the Australian National Office for Information Economy and then ICANN, I have been increasingly convinced that we would do well to also take a public health approach... Read more »
  • Rethinking Portability in a Virtual Machine World

    09 October 2015
    I don’t get out much anymore, technically speaking. That is, I travel all over the world talking about Internet security and about the Domain Name System (DNS), and recruiting more sensor operators for Farsight Security’s Passive DNS project. But usually I’m addressing non-programmer audiences, and... Read more »
  • Principles for Governance and Internet use

    30 September 2015
    The Internet Steering Committee in Brazil ( recently took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, giving celebration to its 20-year anniversary with the Sixth Conference.  A Decalogue of principles for governance and Internet use guided discussions. CyberGreen’s Project Director, Yurie Ito can be seen here discussing... Read more »
  • An Introduction to CyberGreen

    30 September 2015
    CyberGreen is an initiative working diligently to advance the health of the global cyber ecosystem. In an effort to limit the footprint of infected machines and servers on the Internet, CyberGreen has adopted an approach modeled after the success of the public healthcare system. Unfortunately... Read more »
  • CyberGreen at CGI.Br's 20th Anniversary Event

    30 September 2015
    I had the great pleasure of joining the cerebration of CGI.Br's 20th Anniversary and I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to promote the CyberGreen initiative to the Brazilian CERT community.  The room was filled with positive energy from the Brazilian CERT community, where... Read more »
  • Bridging the World, Go CyberGreen

    30 September 2015
    Last week, I had the pleasure to attend and speak at the APCERT and OIC-CERT joint annual conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The conference theme was "Bridging the World - Go CyberGreen". My boss, Yurie Ito and I were privileged to kick off the week... Read more »
  • FIRST 2015

    23 July 2015
    Our slides from the FIRST 2015 conference in Berlin! Read more »
  • ONE Conference

    23 June 2015
    Our slides from the ONE Conference. Read more »
  • v.1 Metrics Working Group

    01 June 2015
    Below is a list of experts in CyberGreen’s metrics working group for v.1 of our statistics portal: Prof. Manel Medina Full Professor and Director of MsC Cybersecurity at the Politecnic University of Catalunya (UPC) Aaron Kaplan Unix User and Programmer Barry Greene 25-Year Veteran of... Read more »