CyberGreen Recognized by the GFCE for Global Good Practices

The Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE) published its collection of Global Goood Practices in November 2017. CyberGreen has been recognized in this document for performing “analysis on root causes and effects”. CyberGreen’s practices were recognized by the GFCE for three areas relating to incident capture and analytics:

  • Establish a clearinghouse for gathering systemic risk conditions data in global networks
  • Produce and present trusted metrics about systemic risk conditions
  • Assist with cyber-risk mitigation and keep score of successes

The individual sections relating to CyberGreen’s Global Good Practices can be downloaded here and the full document can be downloaded here.

These Global Good Practices were presented at the GFCE/GCCS conference held in Delhi, India in November, 2017.