Chairman Paul Twomey on the Importance of Engagement with ISPs Using Risk Data

CyberGreen’s Chairman, Paul Twomey, was published by the Economist for his thoughts on network pollution and how ISPs and regulators should use risk data to mitigate:

Although the market and the technical community have addressed many challenges in the internet, governments should address some areas of market failure. Not only in the internet of things, but also in network operator practices. Internet-service providers have few incentives to ensure that their modems, routers and so on are deployed or maintained properly. The failure to maintain best practice management of four risk indicators alone means that an ISP can pollute the internet as a whole, exploited by botnet and distributed denial of service attacks.

Our data show that the potential attack capacity of the existing polluted network devices is five times larger than the biggest DDoS attacks to date. The failure to address this negative externality places governments, enterprises, financial institutions and consumers at greater risk. Regulators should utilise network risk data to engage ISPs to adopt better device deployment processes and operational decisions and encourage the adoption by network operators of the Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security.

CyberGreen Institute
New York