CyberGreen Mentioned by Minister for Communications and Information in Singapore

On October 11, 2016, Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim cited CyberGreen as an initiative aimed at “securing our common cyberspace.” Ibrahim is the Minister for Communications and Information in Singapore. His mention of CyberGreen follows the recent cornerstone sponsorship of CyberGreen by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore.

CyberGreen is one global initiative that will aid us in securing our common cyberspace. The CyberGreen project aims to give countries awareness of the state of cyber health and potential vulnerabilities within our borders. With this situational awareness, countries can then take preventive action to deal with potential cyber risks and vulnerabilities. The better a country’s cyber health, the “greener” it will be. Over time, CyberGreen will develop robust cyber health metrics. These will allow practitioners and policy-makers like ourselves to assess how our countries, and ASEAN as a whole, are progressing on the cybersecurity front. Cyber incident responders can also better identify and remediate different classes of threats, based on actionable threat information provided by CyberGreen.

Singapore is excited to be a sponsor of this global initiative. We have signed on to CyberGreen, as we recognise that ASEAN Member States including ourselves can benefit from CyberGreen. As a start, because of our sponsorship, all ASEAN Member States will be able to access CyberGreen through Singapore for free, and get a first cut report on the state of their own country’s cyber health status. I would like to invite fellow ASEAN Member States to come on board, and join Singapore in CyberGreen. Through this platform, our countries can work together to improve our cyber situational awareness, sharpen incident response, and therefore secure ASEAN’s common cyberspace.

To read Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim’s full speech, click here