Cyber Security Agency of Singapore Becomes Cornerstone Sponsor for CyberGreen

CyberGreen, a ground-breaking initiative to improve global cybersecurity, has received a major boost from the government of Singapore. Singapore has joined Japan and the UK in sponsoring the CyberGreen Institute which is dedicated to making transparent the “health” of the world’s Internet network providers. Hailed recently by the G7 ICT Ministers, CyberGreen, a global non-profit organization, develops and publishes risk-based common metrics for assessing cyber risks and vulnerable servers across the world’s networks. It also works with its partners to make cyberspace clean and resilient to cyberattack.

The Cyber Security Agency (CSA) of Singapore has announced a three-year Cornerstone sponsorship with CyberGreen. In light of its commitment to a healthier Cyber Ecosystem, CyberGreen will collaborate with Singapore as its focal point for the ASEAN region. By localizing and enhancing capacity building materials for ASEAN states, leveraging global data sources, and developing best practices and training approaches, CyberGreen and CSA will work together to achieve a healthier Cyber Ecosystem in the region and affect change globally.

“At CyberGreen we believe that what gets measured, gets done,” said Yurie Ito, Executive Director of CyberGreen. “We are obsessive about transparent metrics and helping our partners get clean-up done. Internet stakeholders are becoming aware that cybersecurity is not just about incident response capabilities but also improving the underlying network environment to reduce risks. CSA understands this and we are very pleased to work with Singapore and support its engagement with ASEAN partners to achieve these ends.”

Mr. David Koh, Chief Executive of CSA said “Having awareness of our cyber health state is important for preventive action to be taken. It gives us awareness of potential vulnerabilities in our networks so that we can begin cleaning up those cyber threats. CyberGreen supports these efforts, not just for Singapore, but also throughout ASEAN. Being a CyberGreen Cornerstone Sponsor allows us to bring this to the ASEAN region, and be involved in its further development.”

Singapore’s use of CyberGreen’s resources to measure and mitigate systemic cyber risks reflects the growing recognition of the need for a metrics-based approach. Not only will risk levels be better understood, but also the efficacy of mitigation strategies will be more accurately monitored. As one of the five founding nations of ASEAN, Singapore has invested significant resources to aid neighboring countries and promote integration.

CyberGreen Board Chairman Dr. Paul Twomey added, “Our hope is that other countries in the region will heed the data and recommendations that CyberGreen puts forth. Technologists and policymakers in all countries should be concerned with the health of their countries’ networks and systems. Mitigating vulnerabilities that can be used for amplified attacks has a ripple effect, keeping the country safer from within and preventing instability abroad.”

By piloting the use of CyberGreen’s robust metrics and online platform in the region, Singapore plans to share its experiences and lessons learned with other ASEAN nations to help promote the Cyber Ecosystem health approach.

“CyberGreen will benefit greatly from cooperation and collaboration with CSA Singapore, said CyberGreen Board Member Dr. Richard Soley, “because of Singapore’s leadership in international cyber dialogue and its cross-functional cyber collaboration across the ASEAN region, aimed at increased information-sharing and mitigating cyber threats across the Cyber Ecosystem. If Singapore is to play a leading role in promoting a cleaner, more resilient Cyber Ecosystem, it requires CyberGreen’s innovative services to provide benchmarks and measure the efficacy of action.”