v.1 Metrics Working Group

Below is a list of experts in CyberGreen’s metrics working group for v.1 of our statistics portal:

Prof. Manel Medina
Full Professor and Director of MsC Cybersecurity at the Politecnic University of Catalunya (UPC)

Aaron Kaplan
Unix User and Programmer

Barry Greene
25-Year Veteran of Internet Security

Joe St Sauver, PhD
Scientist with Farsight Security, Inc. Prior to Farsight, St Sauver was with the University of Oregon (UO)

Pat Cain
Resident Research Fellow of the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG)

Prof Hiroaki Kikuchi
Professor, Meiji University, Board Director, JPCERT/CC

Wes Young
Security Professional

David Watson
Director, The Shadowserver Foundation

Gabriel Iovino
Co-Founder, CSIRT Gadgets Foundation